Author: Willow Kang Liew Bei

  • a process of separation

    a process of separation

    Poem by Willow Kan Liew Bei  who is a weaver of conjoined heartsseparating in cranberry tears a transplant is to be made, to be found in the marrows of neon boulevards & the trees are never, will never be sympathetic statues, eyes of primal beings The surgeon shall smolder under a righteous sun.

  • the creatures in the primrose fields

    the creatures in the primrose fields

    Shall we as ghostly fireflies,witness moonlit atrocities together,perched on windless gravestones to take this chance, as transient beingsserendipitously trappedin the wintry wineglasses of alleyway devotees; They witnessed once, how their gem-encrustedshipyards brushed the sky, brought down a rainof carnivorous silvers- & decked a church with neon roses,spat mica onto the heathens’ hands Come back to…

  • Act 1: The Banker’s Dispute With Laura

    Act 1: The Banker’s Dispute With Laura

    The Banker: petunias floating in a molten river ofpennies, what makes up simpleblood & bones, the killers waiting for a beggar’s ragdollbetween the emaciated fringes carving outFifth Avenue — & what now? Will Laura surrender all worldly oysters to be wrappedin a navy apron (out of sight, out of mind)on the prowl for spare change,…