the creatures in the primrose fields

blooming pink flower in close up photography

Shall we as ghostly fireflies,
witness moonlit atrocities together,
perched on windless gravestones

to take this chance, as transient beings
serendipitously trapped
in the wintry wineglasses of alleyway devotees;

They witnessed once, how their gem-encrusted
shipyards brushed the sky, brought down a rain
of carnivorous silvers- &

decked a church with neon roses,
spat mica onto the heathens’ hands

Come back to wanderlust
in the primrose fields
atop the fossils of things old & going,
watch the sun-wheel in the distance
creak under sunlight stained by radium

while here, motes of stardust gather
on the floral carpets
& tea parties are languidly evergreen,
deathless in their tinted porcelain

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