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  • Rejection Therapy

    Rejection Therapy

    Nonfiction by Anam Tariq Rejections are of various natures — your admission application to a university is rejected, your opinion is rejected, your proposal is rejected, you are rejected and sometimes your submission to a literary magazine is rejected. Oh it hurts! I know. The first kind of rejection above was the one that hurt…

  • The Undisciplined Poet: An Interview with Moira Walsh

    The Undisciplined Poet: An Interview with Moira Walsh

    An interview by Anam Tariq 1. Tell us a bit about yourself.Hi, Anam. Thanks for your patience in finding a time to connect. I was born in Michigan, nearthe Motor City (Detroit). Now I live in the metro area that’s home to Mercedes-Benz, Porsche,and Maybach. The funny thing is, I’ve never even owned a car.…

  • World, meet girl

    World, meet girl

    Poem by Ana Marcela Ramirez Cabal First breath drawn in your embrace,Cradled by life’s joyful greeting.Since, she’s presenced no such grace,Sowed seeds in your first meeting. Deep as life, her trembling stepsFound wisdom rooted in the earth.The scheme of nature with its webs,Proved to girl she needed stealth. Unburdened laughter of a flower,Constellated spirits gleam…

  • To Mount Clarewa

    To Mount Clarewa

    Fiction by Rosie Etheridge Mount Clarewa was founded in 1872 by the intrepid Cecil Clarewa, a man of infamous character and an even more infamous moustache. It was said the thing was his good luck charm and that in difficult times he even spoke to it. Twice daily he coated the bushy beast in a…

  • Sudando


    Poem by Ana Marcela Ramirez Cabal A sticky sheath lays on my body,All inches covered, isn’t it romantic?Shadows fall short, I’ve become a residence,For assertive guests so incandescent. They drip and glow and stain and flow;I don the wet as pines with snow.Most claim this mist is punishment,But flesh, adorned, is no ailment. With every…

  • Rust – Part One

    Rust – Part One

    Story by Rosie Etheridge They were watching her, eyes glassy with death. Writhing, she held one still in her bloodied hands and slipped the knife from top to bottom. Into the belly. Her hands scooped out the warm insides, pulling them out onto the table. Each fish took her only a matter of seconds. In…

  • A blanket per head

    A blanket per head

    Poem by Ana Marcela Ramírez, Inspired by René Magritte’s “The Lovers II” Death has lost his trade amongst sheets, Lovers, materialising our dreams. I suffer the disgrace of your suffocating love, Bitter triumphant laughter still left in my lungs. Poets would call us faceless pioneers, The August sky in Brussels never seemed so clear. Your…

  • Sunset Shimmer

    Sunset Shimmer

    Poem by Lyndsie L. Conklin  Skylights, dressed in orange,reach for her twilight lover.His eyes reflect the small joyof her cheek, the smallest epicof feeling; a tragedy. They dance–the pink gray cloudsbecome the only flowing evidenceof their rehearsed waltz. Her dress flows across the skyand burns ever brighteras their dance climaxes. His duskcoattails mix with her…

  • Flat 2

    Flat 2

    A poem by Rosie Etheridge Flat 2,the rotting wood doorDaisies on the bed sheetsSet an oasis forevermorePiles of gig ticketsHours long queuesFor a hazed glimpse of you Outside, pale blossom fallsOn loves accepting their curtain call In Flat 2pancakes still burnBecause kisses took priorityRoses still bloomMonths after you gave them to meI wear your jacketOver…

  • Circumvention


    Poem by Anam Tariq If someone cuts throughus like a knife, we can stillstitch a working bridge. Bridge burns to embers.A vaulted bridge of faith glintsacross the night sea. In our frequent playon the pond bridge, we went frommilk teeth to grey hair.