Author: Anam Tariq

  • Rejection Therapy

    Rejection Therapy

    Nonfiction by Anam Tariq Rejections are of various natures — your admission application to a university is rejected, your opinion is rejected, your proposal is rejected, you are rejected and sometimes your submission to a literary magazine is rejected. Oh it hurts! I know. The first kind of rejection above was the one that hurt…

  • The Undisciplined Poet: An Interview with Moira Walsh

    The Undisciplined Poet: An Interview with Moira Walsh

    An interview by Anam Tariq 1. Tell us a bit about yourself.Hi, Anam. Thanks for your patience in finding a time to connect. I was born in Michigan, nearthe Motor City (Detroit). Now I live in the metro area that’s home to Mercedes-Benz, Porsche,and Maybach. The funny thing is, I’ve never even owned a car.…

  • Circumvention


    Poem by Anam Tariq If someone cuts throughus like a knife, we can stillstitch a working bridge. Bridge burns to embers.A vaulted bridge of faith glintsacross the night sea. In our frequent playon the pond bridge, we went frommilk teeth to grey hair.

  • self-portrait as a book

    self-portrait as a book

    reposing on an undusted wood boardthat distinct smell aroundgrowing on me,my surface—slantedon the previous one’shandsome (barring magnetic),spare font intro,sedate and composed countenanceand a few violets for welcomeinto my world.if only you pick me, flip over my layersyou’ll know I have a storya web of technicolour memoriesa map of a fascinating journeyentwined with those of others,a…