Author: Varrick Kwang

  • Shackles of the Past

    Shackles of the Past

    The past, I cannot stop thinking of it.The cast the bounds my footThe chains to the people that don’t give a hoot.About my heart and my soul.Cast it in the fire, as I should have yesterdayAs I should put my eyes on the future. The future, as they like to say, sunlight is aheadBut how […]

  • Sweet spirit at the front desk

    Sweet spirit at the front desk

    Its tough on you.Handling all the paperTalking to the callerAppeasing the cussing customer. A bag filled with mails,Yet none of them are for you,To give u respiteTo give you comfortTo tell you “you did a great job”To tell you “you are too precious for this”To tell you “you are a treasure.”To tell you “you are […]

  • The Broken Promises

    The Broken Promises

    Dear Friend, I should never have taken your word for it.When you said I am free to talk about my fears.For the future, for our plans.Whether I will succeed at work or not.I opened up to you,And instantly your kindness turned into dismissal. Dear Friend, I should have never taken your word for it,When you […]