Fluffy Affections

A kitten keeping a leaf

Fluffy Boy

Cute fluffy boy
Playing with yarn of a toy
As your clean white hair rustle with the wind
As you bear brown little markings look like a marshmallow.

Cute Fluffy boy
How carefree must you be
To sleep in the middle of the corridor where the humans walk.
To loaf with such ease
To sploot with such grace

Cute Fluffy Boy
You close your eyes.
You smile as much as you could.
As my hand strokes the fur on your little head
You slow blink at me after I am done.
And my heart flutters.
But I know I am not your chosen family.
But I know I am not the one you will sleep and cuddle with.

And indeed, after a minute, you run off to another corner of the sidewalk where you can sleep alone.

I see the ball of fluff goes back to his lovely little slumber.
Amongst the sidewalk with birds, trees and potted plants.
As the rays of sunbathe you.
How blissful

I imagine when you wake up and run home.

You ask your family for snacks.
They gave you all the yummy
Just look at that tummy

You are free to sleep, free to eat and free to clean.

So unconstrained by the unseen chains of the bipedal.
So unrestricted by any paper laws that hover over heads
So unbound from the cuffs for two legs.

Our chase for money will never end,
They say money has four legs, just like you.
Perhaps just like you, money will elude our gestures for affections.
Perhaps just like you, only a small minority will experience your affections.

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