Author: anamarcelaramirezcabal

  • World, meet girl

    World, meet girl

    Poem by Ana Marcela Ramirez Cabal First breath drawn in your embrace,Cradled by life’s joyful greeting.Since, she’s presenced no such grace,Sowed seeds in your first meeting. Deep as life, her trembling stepsFound wisdom rooted in the earth.The scheme of nature with its webs,Proved to girl she needed stealth. Unburdened laughter of a flower,Constellated spirits gleam…

  • Sudando


    Poem by Ana Marcela Ramirez Cabal A sticky sheath lays on my body,All inches covered, isn’t it romantic?Shadows fall short, I’ve become a residence,For assertive guests so incandescent. They drip and glow and stain and flow;I don the wet as pines with snow.Most claim this mist is punishment,But flesh, adorned, is no ailment. With every…

  • A blanket per head

    A blanket per head

    Poem by Ana Marcela Ramírez, Inspired by René Magritte’s “The Lovers II” Death has lost his trade amongst sheets, Lovers, materialising our dreams. I suffer the disgrace of your suffocating love, Bitter triumphant laughter still left in my lungs. Poets would call us faceless pioneers, The August sky in Brussels never seemed so clear. Your…

  • War on Medicine

    War on Medicine

    I had to abolish you,How long would you grapple?Delighted to breakthrough,Enslaved, daily apple. Disgraceful fragility.Never imagined treacheryOf bitter inefficiency,And a myriad sisters left to memory. Serenity, dishonest,Instituted disciples of anger.Never again, you promised.Silence, refreshing candor. Vestiges of the past,Afflict my insides, mutinous.Hysterical sin, vastRecital of an ode to my uterus.