Was It Worth It?

purple and blue light digital wallpaper

Poem by Varrick Kwang

Was it worth it:

Five years of hard training
Five hours per session
With all the sweat dropped per lesson
Getting stronger is the reason.

Two years of my life,
Fighting under the hot sun in a burning uniform.
All for the pay of peanuts

The bank is broken
The Wallet has holes in it
And for what?
Just to feel good?
Just to have my body bashed in every time?

Some people admire me,
Some look at me with scorn, calling me a brute.
Most people don’t care.
But it is seen as manly, right?
To train and fight for a flag?

But their words mean nothing when I am the one putting my life and body at the front, I’ve found.

Who cares if something happens to me? Will the same people who praised me share the burden of pain?
Who will care about me?
After all, I’m just another one of the billion idiots.

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