Corner Conversation

pink light fixture

Lex huffed. She told herself not to go, but her best friend, Savannah, had convinced her to go. Parties just weren’t her style, and like every other time Savannah had disappeared with some guy as soon as they arrived, leaving Lex standing awkwardly in a corner. All by herself no less, everything about the situation screamed loser. It wouldn’t matter, though, most everyone would be so hammered by the end of the night that they wouldn’t remember what they did, let alone what Lex didn’t do.  

“Having fun?”  Lex looked up from her phone to see who had talked to her. It was rather dark in the corner so she couldn’t make out the face of who she was talking to. She stood from the bean bag chair she had been sulking on.

“Oh ya, loads of fun,” She said sarcastically. She could tell the person she was talking to was male and that he had smiled at her remark. “Have you seen Savannah Hartford recently?”

“I saw her about half an hour ago, she and a few other people were playing spin the bottle,” He answered. “Is something wrong with the party?”

Lex shrugged. “It’s not really my scene. To tell you the truth it’s probably one of the more boring I’ve been to all year.” Lex didn’t know why she was telling this guy this. She was just so irritated at her friend and at least he was talking to her for the moment. She might as well get out all her words while someone was listening to her.

“What? It’s not a good party unless someone falls off the roof?” He teased her. She smiled and laughed a little.

“Were you there the night when Tommy Renders fell?” She asked slightly, pointing at him. She saw him shake his head. “Well, I was. I was sitting on the porch, minding my own business when Savanah called me over to the pool. I had just gotten over there when Tommy yelled ‘cannonball’ and he jumped…”

“Right onto the pavement,” He finishes her sentence chuckling.

“He landed almost on top of me!” Lex said with a laugh. “But to answer your question, yes. I do think someone falling off the roof would add to the entertainment. It would also give me an excuse for Savannah and I to leave.” Before he could answer Savannah stumbled through the door and headed over to Lex.

“Lex, you’ll never who I got for spin the bottle,” She began, but she stopped when she saw who Lex had been talking to. “Hey,” Savannah said coldly to the guy. He nodded at her.

“When you said Savannah, I didn’t know you meant her,” He said to Lex.

“Nice to see you too, Oliver,” Savannah said.

“How did you even get in here?” He asked.

“Wait, you guys know each other?” Lex asked, looking between the two.

“Ya, we do,” Savannah answered. “Oliver was the jerk from second period that tried to put the half dissected frog in my backpack,” Lex spun her head around to look at Oliver.

“You’re that Oliver?” She asked.

“I thought it’d be funny.” He shrugged. Lex squinted at his response. “And again, how did you even get in here? I made sure not to invite you.” Savannah opened mouth, but Lex held up her hand to stop her.

“Wait,” Lex said, “You’re the host?” She asked, pointing at Oliver. He nodded and Lex put her hand down. “Well, now I’m just embarrassed.” Savanah ignored her friend’s statement, electing to ask her about it later.

“Word gets around, and if you were a good host then you would’ve greeted me at the door,” Savannah returned. Oliver scoffed at her.

“If you were a good person then you wouldn’t have shown up in the first place,” Oliver shot back. Lex rolled her eyes at their petty argument, ignoring her embarrassment from a few minutes ago.

“I get it, you two don’t like each other. Can we leave now?” Lex asked her friend. Oliver answered before Savannah had a chance to.

“If Savanah was really your friend she never would’ve brought you here,” He said to Lex. She raised her eyebrows.

“And if you were a decent person we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Lex said back. “I’m going out to the car, come whenever you are done arguing with this child.”

“Child!” Oliver exclaimed. “She started it.”

“Exactly my point. Have a nice night.” Lex raised her hand in mock goodbye, but Oliver moved toward her.

“We’re done, I promise.” He smiled innocently at her.  

Savannah scoffed and rolled her eyes. “I’m going back outside, Lex. Let me know if you need anything.” Savannah spun on her heel and took a long drink before walking through a doorway and out of view.

“Did you need something?” Lex asked.

Oliver offered his hand to her. “Would you like a tour of the grounds milady?” He said in a bad English accent. Lex narrowed her eyes while fighting a grin. “I promise we won’t go anywhere near the roof.”

Lex rolled her eyes as she took his hand. “As long as the tour stops by the kitchen, I heard there was pizza.”

Oliver pulled her hand until it was resting in the crook of his elbow. “Whatever will make the lady happiest.”

Lex smiled. Maybe this party wasn’t as bad as she thought.

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