Sinking Siblings

a pirate ship sailing on sea during golden hour

Their swords clashed in a dangerous dance of metal on metal while the storm arose around them. The heavy rain did nothing to stop the flames that fought to consume the parts of the ship that hadn’t sunk below the surface. Already, the ship tilted dangerously to one side, making fighting in a dignified manner next to impossible.

Every clash vibrated up their arms. They could feel the tips of their fingers. It was like fighting with a clone; equally matched in every way, neither able to get the upper hand. Had they not been in the situation it would be funny, almost.

“This is your fault!” Tavin yelled at his brother.

“My fault? If I remember correctly, you’re the one who attacked my ship!” Randel
countered. He swiped his sword at his twin’s head. Tavin gracefully ducked and brought up his sword in a counterattack. Randel easily blocked it and their swords met.

“I’m a pirate,” Tavin reminded him. “Attacking ships is what I do. Now, if I had known it was your ship I would’ve brought a bigger crew, but then again, it’s not my ship that’s on fire.” Randel pushed hard against Tavin’s sword with his own, and Tavin had to scramble to regain his footing. Something below the beck shattered. The pair paused to keep upright as the ship tilted quickly to the other side.

“Mom would’ve been so disappointed in you,” Randel said when the shuddering stopped. Tavin turned and bounded up the steps behind him and Randel quickly followed.

Tavin shrugged at his brother’s comment. “Maybe, but Dad’s quite proud. He says ‘hi’ by the way.”

A loud snapping sound momentarily diverted the boy’s attention from each other.

“Scatter!” Tavin yelled, seeing what was about to happen just before his brother. He pushed Randel backward, out of the way, and ran in the opposite direction. The fiery mast came down where they would’ve been standing.

“Tavin!” Randel searched the area. Smoke covered the area in a thick haze. He didn’t see his brother. Suddenly, red-headed Tavin popped up. Randel let out a breath, emotions conflicted with the relief he felt and the hatred he should feel. Tavin gave his brother a wicked grin.

“I didn’t know you cared,” Tavin called. Randel glared at him but didn’t respond. Tavin shrugged and walked over to the edge of the ship the burning mast keeping Randel in his place. “Until next time my dear brother,” Tavin yelled before climbing on top of the ledge and jumping off into the water.

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