Alyssa Sykes, EIC

Alyssa Sykes is the EIC + Founder of Seaglass. About 50% of her personality is being a South African living in Canada. She loves books, movies, and TV shows. You can usually find her cooped up in her room with a blanket and her computer.

Maria Lytrivi, PR Director

Maria is a teen writer from Athens, Greece that enjoys writing poetry, fantasy and horror. Her poetry has appeared in the “Ice Lolly Review” and “Pastel Serenity Zine”. When not writing she can be found singing her favourite musical theater soundtracks at the top of her lungs.


Geneva, Art Director

Geneva is Seaglass’s Graphic Design Director. She is an Irish graphic designer and illustrator, that also has an hons degree an English and Philosophy that nobody cares about. She has had several of her illustrations published in print and online, both in Ireland and internationally and her love of poetry and art led her to become the visual editor and head illustrator for Three Fates Press, a poetry and literary collective based in Dublin. The hoop earring was a paid actor in that photo of her.

Sage, Submission Manager

Sage is an esoteric logophile who uses poetry as an outlet to purge their turbulent emotions. He adores deep conversations with his friends, dark academia and sustainability. If you buy her plants, she will love you forever.

Carla Lees, Editing Manager

Carla is our editing manager. she is an avid classical reader with an affinity for writing, photography and astronomy. she hopes to someday travel the world and immerse herself in a multitude of different cultures.

Claudia Jane, Twitter Manager

Claudia Jane is a Creative Writing student who loves to write about the beauty of the simple things in life. She loves rereading books from her childhood, analyzing art, and thinking about fantasy-like scenarios.

Emma Luu, Journal Director

Emma Luu is a high schooler from Colorado, who loves writing, journalism, reading, and art. When she’s not lost in a book or creating a new art piece, you can find her immersed in Ghibli movies or binge-watching “Gilmore Girls”. She’s also involved with multiple school activities, primarily speech and debate, and enjoys volunteering in the community. One of her favorite pastimes is searching for cute stationery! 

Rashmika, Intern

I’m 16, a hardworking Highschool student as well as a writer (poetry, short stories, novel). You can call me Mika for short. I’m an Intern at SeaGlass!

Nitika Gadura, Director of Finance

Nitika Gadura (she/her) is a management student from India. The notes app on her phone is always open, and filled with poetry drafts, TBR lists, and new skincare products to try out. She is a huge fan of Michael Schur and can quote lines verbatim from his shows.

Sehar Sarang, Assistant EIC

Sehar (obviously) loves writing, but some other things she loves to do are read books and bake! Her favorite genres of books are true crime and romance.

Caroline Majewski, Instagram Director

Caroline graduated from college from Oakland University with an English degree. She is an avid reader of all genres. Caroline is passionate about all things books, television, music, and film, and is excited to expand her realms of storytelling by exploring complex topics and social issues. She hopes that the writing you read inspires you to feel a little more connected and aware of the world around you, while inspiring you to be your most authentic self.

Marina Tsiatiri, Assistant PR Director

Marina Tsiatiri is an aspiring author and a passionate reader from Greece. She is studying informatics in university, while she balances learning languages on her own and working on multiple WIP’s. A coffee-lover and a fan of bedroom karaoke, Marina enjoys volunteering, petting stray cats and reading the same books over and over again.

Ashley Morrow, Issue Formatter

Ashley Morrow (she/her) is SeaGlass Literary’s Issue Formatter. She is half-Vietnamese and a lover of literature, especially flash fiction and poetry. She lives in California, where she enjoys reading and creative writing.

Dhyana, Submissions Director

Dhyana is a teen writer from New Jersey that enjoys writing about cultural identity and strong female characters. She also runs a writing club at her school. She enjoys volunteering, listening to music, and spending time with her family.

Mahita, Website Manager

Mahita is SeaGlass Literary’s website manager. In her free time, she likes to read and write. She also loves to listen to music and play tennis.

Ani Jones, Director of Programs

Ani Jones is a Cincinnati-based poet, editor, and community organizer. They hold a BA in English from the University of Cincinnati and are currently on track to receive a certificate in Copyediting and Publishing. Their work centers around grief, queerness, and community.

Sriya Jayaraj Naik, Intern

Sriya Jayaraj Naik is an Indian high-schooler currently based in New Delhi. She is an avid reader and a budding writer; a ballerina and a swimmer; and a cynical optimist who believes that the world gets a little better everyday.

Deborah George, Contest Manager

Deborah is a creative writer who has been published in Real Voices Write Now and the Blue Marble Review. She loves appreciating the little joys in life, like beautiful sunsets, cozy sweaters, and dark chocolate. She’s a simple, old-fashioned girl who takes the road less traveled.