Author: Allison Mitchell

  • Snowday


    I look out my window and smile at the white blanket that has covered my city while I slept. I reached for my phone to check my notifications to find that school had been canceled for the day. Texts started to fill the group chat and before I knew it, my house had become the […]

  • Ice Ice Skating

    Ice Ice Skating

    Had you told Ira Smith that she’d be spending her New Year’s Eve breaking into the local ice-skating rink she would’ve chosen to go to bed early. Instead she’s standing outside in the negative degrees trying to keep the heavy snowflakes from melting into her eyes waiting for her best friend to unlock the door […]

  • Monsters and Fairies

    Monsters and Fairies

    Grave rocked back on forth on his toes as he waited for his assignment to pop into the air in front of him. He had hust finished his official training as a MUB (Monster Under the Bed), and he was ready for his first assignment. More than ready. He had been shadowing a seasoned professional […]

  • It’s a Ghost Party

    It’s a Ghost Party

    The party was crowded with things seen and things invisible. Strobe and Christmas lights hung carelessly throughout the Victorian style house that hadn’t been ‘officially’ occupied since a tree caved in the extended sitting room a decade ago. As music pumped through portable speakers, college students mingled and danced in groups separated by half caved […]

  • Sinking Siblings

    Sinking Siblings

    Their swords clashed in a dangerous dance of metal on metal while the storm arose around them. The heavy rain did nothing to stop the flames that fought to consume the parts of the ship that hadn’t sunk below the surface. Already, the ship tilted dangerously to one side, making fighting in a dignified manner […]